Procedures. Your business is important to you, at its most basic levels it is vibrant, changing and seeking definition.  How you do business is important and should be documented.

At PERFORMANCE we are expert in representing the most complex information in a clear and concise way. Information properly presented, eliminates costly calls for technical service and help, time in the field for your service technicians and premature product failure.

PERFORMANCE specializes in the dynamic needs of a varied client base focusing on providing the very best technical documentation for a vibrant landscape of business. We meet the needs of high-tech energy-sector innovators, front-line defense industry contractors, government entities and agencies, commercial aerospace, healthcare services and medical technologies, building, entertainment and the auto industry. Our varied background uniquely provides us with a wide range of experiences that can be directly applied to your needs.



- Manuals
- Product Testing and Evaluation
- Workflow Processes
- Standard Operating Procedures
- User Guides
- Compliance Documentation
- ISO 9001
- Operating Procedures
- Communication Plans
- Change Management
- Business Continuity
- Disaster Recovery Plan

- Web Content Development
- Marketing Plans
- Communication Documents
- Online Trainng
- Workbooks
- Presentations/Support Materials
- Graphic Design



Manuals can be the most visible representation of the quality of your product and represent your company through a wide array of individuals.  Used in sales to explain the product, by specifiers who plan the product's use, through purchasers, maintenance personnel and finally end users, the manual speaks for your product and your company.  It represents you in the eyes of all who come across your product.

Product Testing

Product testing and evaluation is important and time consuming.  It is critical that the processes are documented properly.  PERFORMANCE has expert knowledge in just such documentation.  Get us involved early to help you define the test procedures, document and record your results.

Workflow Processes

PERFORMANCE will analyze your sequence of operations (workflows) and document them graphically and in detailed writing steps.  Our expertise will allow us to make suggestions for improvements in your workflows that will increase quality and improve associate productivity.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures are written documentation of instructions detailing all the steps of a process or procedure. PERFORMANCE can prepare your Standard Operating Procedures that can be effective catalysts to drive performance improvement and improve organizational operations.

User Guides

A user guide is a book-length document containing instructions on installing, using or troubleshooting a hardware or software product, including consumer electronics. PERFORMANCE has the experience and expertise to prepare your user guides with high quality graphics and test them with focus groups.

Compliance Documentation

Reduce the time it takes you to process and file everything from annual reports and proxy statements to 10-Qs and 8-Ks. PERFORMANCE can compile, collaborate, convert, edit, file, print and distribute your compliance documents.

ISO 9001

PERFORMANCE can work with you in the development of your processes and procedures and refine them to meet ISO standards.  We prepare the document submissions for ISO certification and maintain your documentation to ensure continued compliance.

Operating Procedures

Operating Procedures are written documentation of instructions detailing all the steps of a process or procedure.  PERFORMANCE can prepare your Operating Procedures that can be effective catalysts to drive performance improvement and improve organizational operations.

Communication Plans

PERFORMANCE will develop your strategic communication plan for internal or external communications that includes: strategic purpose; tie-in with business plan; communication research, including interviews and focus groups; formulating business and communication objectives; audience profile; creating themes and messages appropriate to your objectives and audience; media selection; training managers to deliver the message; measurement tools; and implementation.

Change Management

Change management is the process of implementing changes in a controlled manner.  PERFORMANCE has the expertise to develop and implement a change management process for your needs, including managing changes in engineering, manufacturing, information technology systems, changes in individuals, teams and organizations, and managing changes to documents.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plans

In the event of a disaster, will your business be able to continue or will you be out of business?  PERFORMANCE can analyze your business operations, determine the critical operations needed for your business to continue operating and write a detailed plan that you can follow during a disaster to keep your business operational.

Web Content Development

Writing for the Web is very different from writing for print.  Studies show that Web content should contain 50% of the word count of its paper equivalent.  PERFORMANCE has experts in Web site content development that will ensure your Web site is concise and conveys your messages in an efficient, user-friendly manner.

Marketing Plans

Have your marketing plan developed by the professionals at PERFORMANCE.  Each marketing plan is unique based on your business needs.  Some of the components of a successful marketing plan are: marketing vision; ideal customer; remarkable difference; core strategy; product/service innovation; marketing materials; Web plan; lead generation plan; lead conversion plan; service experience; marketing calendar; critical numbers; and marketing training.

Communication Documents

PERFORMANCE can help with all your communications document needs including communication plans, newsletters, press releases, speeches, statements, forms, brochures and posters.

Online Training

Make use of the most advanced training techniques for your new employees and development of your current employees.  PERFORMANCE works with you to understand your training needs and develops an online, self-paced training program that will meet your employee needs.


PERFORMANCE can design workbooks for your self-paced training needs.  The results will be a training program for your employees that will ensure you meet your quality objectives.  The employee will be able to complete their materials at their own study rate without leaving their desks.

Presentations/Support Materials

Your needs for materials for classroom instruction can be met by the professionals at PERFORMANCE.  We work with you to develop your training objectives and prepare high quality presentation and support materials for your classroom training.

Graphic Design

PERFORMANCE has graphics specialists who will work with you to understand your communication objectives and design unique graphics to meet your needs.  We create documentation graphics from various sources of input such as concepts, ideas, sketches, photos, design drawings, CAD data and other input media.

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