The experience PERFORMANCE brings to you is the ability to ensure that your response to a Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Application (RFA) exceeds all the minimum requirements to beat the competition. We provide start-to-finish proposal services that provide you with high-quality, professional and dependable support throughout the entire proposal writing process. For your short-term, project-oriented needs, we also have a talented group of consultants who can provide individualized writing, editing, graphic design and production services.

Pre- RFI/RFP/RFA Release

Pre-RFI/RFP/RFA Research - We will work with the procurement officers and State officials to understand the client "hot buttons". By knowing what is important to the client you are assured a proposal that is uniquely written to meet the client's needs. Pre-RFI/RFP/RFA Monitoring - To guarantee that you have the maximum amount of time to work on your proposal, we work with the procurement officers in your targeted states so you will know when the RFI/RFP/RFA will be released and if any unique requirements are included. Pre-RFI/RFP/RFA Relationships - To ensure the highest quality, winning proposal we develop relationships with the State officials and procurement officers prior to the RFI/RFP/RFA release. We understand who the potential evaluators are and how to write a proposal to meet their unique needs.


Post- RFI/RFP/RFA Response

Preparation of Oral Presentations
For many proposals it is required that the bidder present a summary of their proposal for a panel of specialists. We have the experience and expertise to prepare those presentations in the required media, generally PowerPoint, and brief the presenters to guarantee a first-rate presentation.

Questions that Require Clarification
We will work with the State to develop any required clarifications to questions in the proposal to ensure your responses are consistent with the original proposal.

Proposal Compliance Matrix
To ensure that your compliance department is familiar with all the requirements for reporting and tracking as relayed in your proposal, we prepare a Proposal Compliance Matrix that shows all the requirements of the RFP/RFA along with your departments that are responsible for meeting those requirements. The Proposal Compliance Matrix is prepared in an Access Database, which makes it easy for you to generate reports and make necessary changes.


RFI/RFP/RFA Analysis and Outline
The outline forms the basis for the table of contents, serves as a proposal management tool, and helps writers see their task as it relates to the entire proposal. Through the analysis and outline, we make sure that your proposal meets all of the requirements of the RFI, RFP or RFA.

Attendance at Bidder's Conferences
The bidder's conferences present the client's "hot buttons" and answer questions regarding proposal preparation. Through our attendance at these conferences, we ensure that your proposal discusses what is important to the client and meets all their requirements.

Kick-Off Meetings
Kick-off meetings initiate the proposal effort for all contributors. They provide a forum to answer questions about the opportunity, make writing assignments, coordinate upcoming activities, and create a cohesive team. We prepare the materials and facilitate the kick-off meeting so the team understands the opportunity and the timeline to achieve a winning proposal.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Meetings and Interviews
Meetings and interviews with SMEs ensure that the answers provided in the proposal are accurate for your company and that you will be able to execute on them when you win your bid.

Written Responses to RFI/RFP/RFA
Questions In the past five years we have completed 23 Medicaid and State Children�s Insurance Plan (SCHIP) proposals, with 20 wins for an 87% win rate. We will use our expertise to write high-quality, winning responses for your proposal.

Facilitate Go/No-Go Decisions
We will develop the materials and presentations necessary for you to work with your executives to decide if the opportunity is viable and you want to continue with the proposal.

Custom Designed Graphics
Effective graphics create an overall positive impression and can make it easier for evaluators to find detailed answers to questions. We have a graphic design process that ensures the graphics are representative of your unique solution and enhance the overall proposal quality.

Cartography and GeoAccess Reports
To ensure the client understands the depth and distribution of your provider network, we provide maps of the provider network and GeoAccess Reports that show how extensive your provider network is and how it meets requirements.

Executive Review Meetings
To ensure the accuracy of written questions, we have the executives in your company review the material and make any necessary changes to guarantee a winning proposal.

Editing and Desktop Publishing
The quality of the proposal is finalized by a professional editor and desktop publisher who makes sure the language, formatting and design of the proposal is of high quality.

Proposal Production
A production specialist oversees the proposal ensuring it is properly printed and checked for quality results. We also develop SharePoint sites and produce any required copies and electronic copies of the RFI/RFA/RFP.

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