Business graphics created by PERFORMANCE will clearly communicate an IT process, business structure or any complex process flow. Your business solutions or processes will be clearly communicated and will effectively demonstrate the key benefit or feature your business provides.

The design services of PERFORMANCE graphics for all your communication needs. From proposal graphics to technical illustrations, PowerPoint presentations, timelines, organizational charts and more.

Our approach to business graphic services includes:

Understanding Communication Objective
One of the keys to a successful graphic is to clearly understand the objective you are trying to communicate. PERFORMANCE has graphics specialists who will work with you to understand your communication objectives and design unique graphics to meet your needs. We create documentation graphics from various sources of input such as concepts, ideas, sketches, photos, design drawings, CAD data and other input media.

Developing Visual Design and Style
For graphics to be effective there needs to be consistency in the visual design and style. Our graphics specialists will work with you to develop a design and style that is consistent with your logo and branding and will provide a professional, consistent look for your graphics.

Creating Subject Specific Graphics
Once the communication objective and visual design and style have been developed, PERFORMANCE graphics specialists will create the final graphics for your proposal or documentation. Services include custom designed graphics, cover art, CD/DVD label art, flow charts, organizational charts and corporate biographies.



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