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Account Manager
The Account Manager acts as your single point of contact. He ensures that all of the consultants assigned to the project are actively completing their jobs and that the proposal is of high quality, meeting all the requirements. The Account Manager will interact with you to make changes to the project scope as needed and guarantee your total satisfaction with the completed proposal.

Proposal Manager
The Proposal Manager is responsible for establishing the direction of the proposal project. This person outlines the proposal, assigns writers and subject matter experts to tasks, establishes deadlines, and manages the proposal project from start to finish. The Proposal Manager develops and presents the Kick-Off Meeting to account executives and subject matter experts. You can rely on the Proposal Manager to act as a focal point for all matters related to the proposal project.

Proposal Writer
The Proposal Writer prepares complex Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Application (RFA) and Request for Information (RFI) responses for the assigned proposal sections. The writer meets with subject matter experts to determine the content needed for a winning response to the assigned sections. The writer writes, edits, fact-checks, and proofs answers to assigned sections to ensure they answer the RFP/RFA/RFI questions and include content that exceeds the requirements. The writer ensures that required proposal deadlines for completed responses are met, and that the content of the answer has been checked and approved by the subject matter expert. The writer participates in proposal kickoffs, status meetings, subject matter expert review meetings and senior management review meetings.

Proposal Coordinator
The Production Coordinator is responsible for producing all of the hard and electronic copies of the RFP/RFA/RFI and distributing them to the subject matter experts and executives. This person is responsible for producing the completed proposal. The Production Coordinator ensures the completed proposal is a high-quality product that is always delivered on time. This person coordinates quality book checks to make sure there are no errors in the final copy.

Proposal Editor
The Proposal Editor checks the proposal for grammar, punctuation, consistency, accuracy and adherence to state requirements. The Proposal Editor collaborates with managers, writers and graphic designers to ensure a consistent voice and style throughout the proposal and to check that every requirement of the RFP, RFA or RFI has been addressed.

Desktop Publisher
The Desktop Publisher prepares the proposal for publication and is responsible for the format, design and layout of the entire document. The Desktop Publisher custom-designs each proposal to meet the requirements of the state while ensuring that the document looks professional, attractive and easy to read. The Desktop Publisher works with you, our client, so your proposal reflects a compelling and positive image for your company.

Graphic Designer
Graphics are one of the most effective ways to persuade prospective clients to select your solution. Our graphic designers are specifically trained to take proposal solutions and design effective graphics that translate the ideas into a picture. We have a very effective process that we use to ensure the graphics improve the overall quality of the proposal, resulting in higher win rates.

Our Cartographer/GeoAccess expert designs the required maps and reports to show the distribution of provider networks. The maps ensure that the proposal scoring team understands how your provider network meets and exceeds the requirements of the RFP, RFA or RFI.


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