Business Development is a standardized approach for developing new opportunities from existing accounts or by targeting new accounts and opportunities and working to close them. The key to success in business development is focusing on opportunities that offer the best chance of success yet are profitable to the bottom line.

PERFORMANCE has the professional expertise to assist you in developing and executing your business development plans. With PERFORMANCE as your client-partner, you will have an effective business development plan that can improve your win rate, increase your business sales growth objectives and improve your company's positioning within the marketplace.

PERFORMANCE Business Development core services include:

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation focuses on a subset of prospects that are most likely to purchase your offering. This provides the highest return on your marketing/sales expenditures. PDG develops market segmentations by establishing a category of need your offering satisfies, who is most likely to experience that need and then isolate a segment of the market to focus on.

Long-Term Positioning

Part of your business development strategy should include long-term positioning. Long-term opportunities are developed through the establishment of relationships with potential customers. Long-term positioning can also help build name brand awareness within your market segmentation. Primrose-PDG will assist you in determining where there are long-term opportunities and how to establish relationships to nurture the opportunity.

Opportunity Assessment

To be efficient in your expenditures with marketing/sales associates you need to do an assessment of every opportunity to determine the chances of closing the business, the cost of closing the business and whether the risk is acceptable to your business. PERFORMANCE can help you develop and assess your opportunities and prepare the necessary information including competitive intelligence, cost of the opportunity and assessment of the potential for closing to provide your executive management with the information to decide on the viability of the opportunity.



Captue Planning

The goal of capture planning is to work with a prospect to position your company and solution so the prospect prefers your offering before any proposals are submitted. Using a formal capture planning process improves bid decisions, saves time, reduces capture costs and improves win rates. PDG can work with you to develop capture plans for each of your selected opportunities and can provide a capture manager to help you execute the capture plans.

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